Bagel x Barre

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Courage Bagels stops by Pop Physique Silver Lake this Sunday offering organic hand made traditional Montréal style Bagels, handcrafted in Silver Lake.

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Katie Jane Hughes speaks skincare and gives us the honest truth.

Katie Jane Hughes speaks skincare and gives us the honest truth.

For this debut first Pop A La Mode letter, I want to talk about beauty basics, and that to me starts with skin care. I would say it’s the most important part of your beauty routine. Simplicity often works best for me. The less I mess with my skin the better it looks; and the less I do, the less I need. 

I don’t get facials. I don’t have a routine as such. I just go with what works for my skin at the time, and I think that’s what a lot of people find tricky. There is an unimaginable amount of product available to us and believe me, it can be daunting to the pros too.  I believe it all starts with cleansing. If you have found the cleanser that leaves your skin neither tight nor oily within a couple minutes after you use it, you’re good. It’s a great sign if this is happening for you… it means your skin is balanced and then the rest is easy.

For me, my skin feels this way when I cleanse with oils or balms. Oil hydrates and can help balance your skin’s natural oils, so don’t worry if you have an oily skin type — it may surprise you how amazing you feel after using an oil based cleanser. Most oil based cleansers turn into a milk when wet, that’s the kind you want. If it doesn’t turn into a milky consistency, it will still feel like its there after you wash it off. 

I have combination skin (like the majority of us women), so sometimes I feel oily but mainly on the dry side. My two die- hard cleansers are the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Cleansing Oil and the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye makeup 3 in 1 Makeup Melting Balm. I use one or the other at night before I go to bed… They are super easy to use – you simply take a dime sized amount onto a dry palm and massage two palms together, then take your hands to your face and start massaging onto the face paying more attention to areas with makeup or oil build up. I like to use a super warm washcloth on my face to remove the cleanser and finish with a cold washcloth to close the pores once skin is fully clean. 

I then let my skin dry naturally and see what it needs. If it feels neutral (neither tight nor oily), I will just leave it be and maybe spray a hydrating mist like Milky Mist from Pixi by Petra. If it feels dry, however, I will press on an oil like the Phyto Replenish Oil from Dermalogica for a deep overnight hydration. I also love this oil for under makeup, over makeup or to refresh… it’s so light and beautiful; a great multiple use product. 

In the mornings I don’t cleanse, I just hydrate… I want the oils on my skin. I mean, they are there for a reason, because our skin is very intelligent. I love my makeup much more when I just hydrate in the am. Of course this won’t work for everyone and every climate, but if you wake up a sweaty mess, try holding a very cold wet washcloth over your skin to refresh in the AM and see how it feels.

Finally I will say cleansing oils can work for everyone. But if you have tried some and you don’t like it, I love the Fresh Soy Cleansing wash… it’s the only gel cleanser I have tried that doesn’t leave my skin super dry after… So much of this beauty game is trial and error, which kinda sucks, that’s why you should shop at places that sample well and have a very very good return policy. 😉 

Til our next chat. 
KJH xo

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Meet Kristin of Kristin Kontrol & Dum Dum Girls

From Dee Dee To Kristin.
Meet Kristin of Kristin Kontrol & Dum Dum Girls

POP Pop Physique studio gossip tells us that you’re hard at work?  What are you concocting? 
Kristin:   Yes, I’ve been working fanatically on a couple follow-up singles to my recent album X-Communicate. 

POP: Tell us what its like to go solo?      
Kristin: I’ve always been solo on paper, but establishing Kristin Kontrol made it much more obvious. The new stuff builds off of X-Communicate but isn’t concerned with bridging any kind of gap between now and the past as Dum Dum Girls. I think that was a subconscious concern when I first stepped out solo.

POP: We love the new synth-y sound and want to know when you’ll be debuting all this? 
Kristin: I just made my LA debut week before last and will be playing my last show of the year in NYC December 13th. (Show is at Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, NYC)

Pop:  How did you discover Pop Physique? What’s the hardest / best / weirdest thing we do at POP?  
Kristin: I was in LA rehearsing with my last band, staying in the Silverlake area, just walking around a lot and trying to find a good yoga or dance studio. Anytime I’m in another city for a week or more, I have to figure out my routine quickly cuz my body and brain just need it to stay even-keeled. My bandmate Katie Serbian recommended it I think (she recently credited Pop Physique for getting her post-baby bod back in record time). The tuck under while doing leg lifts/extensions at the barre is always awkward and challenging for me.

Pop: What do you crave out of a Barre class? 
Kristin: I want to leave feeling taller with burnt-out arms.   

POP:  I hear you, girl! Did you aspire to be a ballet dancer or gymnast you know like Misty or Gabby as a kid?  

Not a ballet dancer until I was a teenager, but I did jazz and tumbling from a very young age. I wanted to be the dance-driven pop star à la Madonna or Janet Jackson. Later it was Kate Bush that got me.

POP:  How did you make the leap from that to where you are now? 
A lot of classes and a lot of solitary hours working on music. I’ve recently tried to ease back into dance and incorporate it more into KK with the help of my friend and choreographer Juri Onuki.


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Pop in the six

Pop Physique arrives in midtown Toronto this January with an amazingly beautiful new location located on the world famous Yonge Street. This is hella meta. For those of you not in Toronto wondering why Toronto is known as the six, here is an article that goes into the history of Drake’s metaphorical iconic play on Toronto.

Drake on why Toronto is the Six

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Gratitude is an everyday occurrence. Really.


Meet Brooklyn based artist, Tara Dixon, whose work centers around the
power of love and gratitude.

POP: The impetus behind your belief in gratitude as a theme and philosophy is:
TARA: Gratitude is the magical elixir of life. It literally flows down life because in order to be grateful, one has to be present and notice.

POP: Thank you. Can you tell us what gratitude means to you?
TARA: It’s hard to wrap words around it. But let me say this, gratitude means being humble and aware … because there is an infinite amount of possibility and gifts available to every person, each and every day.

POP: How would you suggest people bring gratitude into their day-to-day lives:
TARA: One idea is to create a Gratitude Journal. Keep a journal by your bedside, and each night, write about 3 good moments that occurred that day. After some months, take a look back and see how rich, beautiful and full your life actually is. If you are perhaps already keeping a journal, here’s a bonus challenge to go for. Find ways to be grateful during a stressful situation. For example, if you’re in a massive traffic jam, be grateful that you’re in a car, that there’s gas in your tank and that there’s a good road you’re on. When you can find gratitude in stressful situations, you’re a gratitude jedi.

POP: How can POP Physique barre artists bring gratitude into class?
TARA: Here’s how I do it…
I think about my anatomy and how good it is to me …
I am grateful for two pink lungs.
I am grateful to be able to inhale and exhale.
I am grateful for my ass. For my abs. For my sternum. And for how every piece is connecting.
I feel grateful for my heart and that it is pumping.

If you would like to meet Tara, have a chat and see her gratitude-centered art, she will be ‘live’ at West Elm Dumbo’s 12 Days of Giving Event. In the meanwhile, see or IG @tara_k_dixon

December 12th at the old but new DUMBO West Elm, 11am – 7pm.
2 Main Street, Brooklyn in the preserved & renovated 1880s Empire Stores’ building & warehouse.


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