Pop Physique is a Small Business

Did you know that Pop Physique is a small business?

Hi my name is Jennifer and I’m the founder of Pop Physique

I spent most of my life as a classical ballet dancer. I did Intense training and got experience working with some of the greatest artists of our time.  I taught Pilates and also advanced ballet.

I never understood or liked the regular gym concept of working out. I wanted this workout in my neighborhood. I wanted to make a workout that made it possible for someone that wasn’t flexible to coordinated get the beautiful principles of dance in their body. Living in LA in Silverlake, there wasn’t much in 2008!  So, I decided to do it myself. I was the first client at Pop Physique. I always think of myself that way.  I wanted an artistic approach to exercise.

We found our first studio space (a small room in the back of the Now full building in Silverlake).
We could walk to work and I taught most of the classes.  My husband or myself worked at the front desk and you could see our two kids and our dog there most days 7 days a week morning and night.

The reaction to Pop was pretty fantastic and we started building more locations. We had lived in San Francisco before living in LA and really wanted to open locations there. In 2012 we opened Russian Hill.

We have always placed studios in neighborhoods that were where we wanted to spend time.  We love each and every place we have created a studio.

New York Nomad and Bowery have been so incredible to see grow.   The studio spaces are so beautiful and well-designed.  Our staff and clients are wonderful there.

The partnership in Toronto is so special to see Pop growing internationally!  We love Richard and Jodi.
Pop Physique has never had investors or been bought out.  Many of our competitors are owned by private equity groups and have massive investments.  We chose to remain independent and fully owned by us.  We have kept our prices low and always offer sales to make it possible for Pop to be for the people.

We have had two more kids during the building of the company.  So, now with four kids and studios in 3 cities, it may not look small.  But, our team is small and close knit.  Our teacher and staff are like family to us.  Having a small business is hard, really hard.  There are days when you just aren’t sure and then a client tells me how much it has changed her life, and it is all worth it.

We want to take this moment to thank YOU, our clients.  We thank you for choosing a small business. You are the people that bring Pop to life each and everyday and we love you for it.







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Gratitude is an everyday occurrence. Really.


Meet Brooklyn based artist, Tara Dixon, whose work centers around the
power of love and gratitude.

POP: The impetus behind your belief in gratitude as a theme and philosophy is:
TARA: Gratitude is the magical elixir of life. It literally flows down life because in order to be grateful, one has to be present and notice.

POP: Thank you. Can you tell us what gratitude means to you?
TARA: It’s hard to wrap words around it. But let me say this, gratitude means being humble and aware … because there is an infinite amount of possibility and gifts available to every person, each and every day.

POP: How would you suggest people bring gratitude into their day-to-day lives:
TARA: One idea is to create a Gratitude Journal. Keep a journal by your bedside, and each night, write about 3 good moments that occurred that day. After some months, take a look back and see how rich, beautiful and full your life actually is. If you are perhaps already keeping a journal, here’s a bonus challenge to go for. Find ways to be grateful during a stressful situation. For example, if you’re in a massive traffic jam, be grateful that you’re in a car, that there’s gas in your tank and that there’s a good road you’re on. When you can find gratitude in stressful situations, you’re a gratitude jedi.

POP: How can POP Physique barre artists bring gratitude into class?
TARA: Here’s how I do it…
I think about my anatomy and how good it is to me …
I am grateful for two pink lungs.
I am grateful to be able to inhale and exhale.
I am grateful for my ass. For my abs. For my sternum. And for how every piece is connecting.
I feel grateful for my heart and that it is pumping.

If you would like to meet Tara, have a chat and see her gratitude-centered art, she will be ‘live’ at West Elm Dumbo’s 12 Days of Giving Event. In the meanwhile, see or IG @tara_k_dixon

December 12th at the old but new DUMBO West Elm, 11am – 7pm.
2 Main Street, Brooklyn in the preserved & renovated 1880s Empire Stores’ building & warehouse.


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