Gratitude is an everyday occurrence. Really.


Meet Brooklyn based artist, Tara Dixon, whose work centers around the
power of love and gratitude.

POP: The impetus behind your belief in gratitude as a theme and philosophy is:
TARA: Gratitude is the magical elixir of life. It literally flows down life because in order to be grateful, one has to be present and notice.

POP: Thank you. Can you tell us what gratitude means to you?
TARA: It’s hard to wrap words around it. But let me say this, gratitude means being humble and aware … because there is an infinite amount of possibility and gifts available to every person, each and every day.

POP: How would you suggest people bring gratitude into their day-to-day lives:
TARA: One idea is to create a Gratitude Journal. Keep a journal by your bedside, and each night, write about 3 good moments that occurred that day. After some months, take a look back and see how rich, beautiful and full your life actually is. If you are perhaps already keeping a journal, here’s a bonus challenge to go for. Find ways to be grateful during a stressful situation. For example, if you’re in a massive traffic jam, be grateful that you’re in a car, that there’s gas in your tank and that there’s a good road you’re on. When you can find gratitude in stressful situations, you’re a gratitude jedi.

POP: How can POP Physique barre artists bring gratitude into class?
TARA: Here’s how I do it…
I think about my anatomy and how good it is to me …
I am grateful for two pink lungs.
I am grateful to be able to inhale and exhale.
I am grateful for my ass. For my abs. For my sternum. And for how every piece is connecting.
I feel grateful for my heart and that it is pumping.

If you would like to meet Tara, have a chat and see her gratitude-centered art, she will be ‘live’ at West Elm Dumbo’s 12 Days of Giving Event. In the meanwhile, see or IG @tara_k_dixon

December 12th at the old but new DUMBO West Elm, 11am – 7pm.
2 Main Street, Brooklyn in the preserved & renovated 1880s Empire Stores’ building & warehouse.


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