Pop Virgin.


New to Pop Physique?





When will I see results?

A. Take class 3-4 times a week and you will feel and see visible results in six weeks or less. Results include long, lean muscles, flat abs and a tight bum. Pop Physique increases your metabolic rate and each class can burn over 500 calories. It is safe to do more often and highly addictive!


What if I have injuries?

A. Please note it on your new client form and speak to your instructor prior to class so that they may give you modifications.


Can I take class if I have a bun in the oven?

A. Yes! The class can be modified to be taken throughout your pregnancy. We require a note from your OB. Please always let your Instructor know.


What should I wear?

A. Even though our promotional images feature super hot shorts and tiny leotards that zip…We recommend long slim exercise pants that cover your knees and fitted tanks or t-shirts. Socks are required. If you forget your socks, we have some nifty socks available for purchase that will help you stick to the floor.


Do guys ever attend class?

A. Yes! We encourage men to join us in our masochistic fun! Men who attend class regularly will also benefit from stronger muscles and improved flexibility.


What should I bring?

A. We have the Eco-Mats to use, the ball, the weights and the stretching strap. You really just need to bring socks!


Can I use my New Client Special, Auto Pay, or

class package at other studios?

A. You should purchase the New Client Special or Auto Pay at your home studio and you can arrange for use in other locations **. Class packages are only good at the studio where purchased.


I don’t live near a Pop. How can I be part of the Pop Culture?

A. Join our mailing list to learn about future studio openings, purchase DVD’s to check out the dynamic home version of our workout, and purchase pop socks and pop gear to look cool in your neighborhood.


Where can I buy your DVDs?

A. Pop Physique DVD’s are exclusively available on popphysique.com, Amazon.com and in Target stores nationwide. If you’re in the UK you may view Pop Physique workouts on SkyFitness.


How many DVDs do you have?

Which one should I buy if I am new to Pop?

A. We have 3 DVD’s with a new series of 3 DVD’s available in early 2014. Pop Physique Original Butt is a great starting point. Once you’ve mastered that, buy Hardcore for something more challenging. For a quick Cardio Boost, check out #CardioButtSchool we suggest you buy all 3 for one low price.


Who are the girls in the DVDs?

A. They are all real Pop Physique teachers. You can find them teaching at our flagship studio in Silver Lake, and touring  guest teaching at our other locations.


Where do you guys get your awesome playlists?

A. Each Pop Physique playlist is custom curated for the class and tells the story of where we are emotionally as a culture in this moment in time. We feature artists that are of the moment, and from time to time mix in classics.  Our playlists feature an eclectic mix of Indie, Hip Hop, EDM Club Bangers, and the occasional #poptrack usually at the request of the artist themselves.  On occasion we share playlists, often we use songs created by friends and from artists that inhabit the neighborhoods we do. If you’re a music supervisors looking for the name of a specific track hit us up.



**Excludes San Marino